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2003 Festival Feature Films

The VCU French Film Festival welcomes, as honorary president,

film director Claude Miller accompanied by producer Annie Miller.


Une pure coïncidence
      presented by director Romain Goupil
R. Goupil is informed that a Parisian currency exchange office is being used as a front for people trafficking in illegal immigrants from Asia. Apparently immigrants have been beaten up there when they were late with the payment for their journey. Romain and a group of his friends decide to take action with the aim of collecting evidence and exposing the operation to the light of day. They organise a break-in with the purpose of getting the police involved. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental? more>>



Se souvenir des belles choses
      presented by director Zabou Breitman
Ecureuils is the place where one forgets words, time, one’s keys, native language, even a lover's birthday. Ecureuils is the place where one remembers one’s first kiss, the phases of the moon and the Twelve Apostles. Ecureuils is the place where Claire and Philippe love each other. Before becoming lost in the dark forest of Oblivion, Claire gives Philippe the most precious gift: her memory. more>>

Quelqu'un de bien
      presented by actor and director Patrick Timsit
Pierre has been furious with his brother Paul since the latter stole his fiancée away from him ten years ago. Nothing in the world would induce him to see Paul again. Yet, his life depends on it: he needs an urgent liver transplant and Paul is one of the few people whose blood type is compatible with his... more>>

Être et avoir (To Be and to Have)
     presented by director of photography Laurent Didier
All over France there are still examples of what are known as “single-class schools” that bring together all the children of a village around one teacher, from kindergarten to the last year of elementary school. Between isolation and opening to the world, these eclectic little groups share everyday life, for better and for worse. This film was shot in one such school, somewhere in the heart of Auvergne in the French countryside. more>>


Le Papillon
      presented by director Philippe Muyl and young actress Claire Bouanich
Julien, an aging widower, collects butterflies. Isabelle and her eight-year-old daughter Elsa have just moved into his apartment building. The young mother is usually out, and lonely little Elsa starts visiting Julien. One day, Julien decides to go to the breathtaking Vercors plateau in search for a rare breed of butterfly, the Isabelle. He thinks he is alone, but young Elsa has managed to tag along on the trip. The little girl asks tons of questions, upsetting the tranquility that the old man longed for. more>>


Sur le bout des doigts
      presented by actress and pianist Anne-Sophie Latour

In a small town in France, Juliette lives alone with her daughter Julie. The twelve-year-old girl is a music prodigy who spends her days playing the piano. Her father Pierre owns a wine shop. He visits his daughter each week but leaves her education up to Juliette. Julie represents everything that her mother always dreamed of being, and this image of perfection, obtained effortlessly, gradually becomes a harder burden to bear. more>>


Toutes les filles sont folles
      presented by actrice Camille Japy and producer Alexandre Mehring
Celeste, in her thirties, is single and longs desperately to meet her Prince Charming. Her sister, Rosalie, rebellious and independent, consoles her with the notion that true love doesn’t exist. One day, Celeste impulsively decides to kidnap her ideal man, forcing Rosalie to be part of her folly. In her panic, Celeste gets her men muddled and chooses the wrong one. The kidnapper becomes the kidnapped. more>>
Marche et rêve! Les Homards de l’utopie
In Martigues, in the South of France, Toinou, “the doctor”, and Bibi have just been laid off. Thanks to their severance package, the three former Plurimétal’s employees have set up a small seafood business. Unfortunately, business is bad, and our heroes’ severance packages have almost run out. Wrongly declared the paralyzed victim of a stupid accident, Toinou receives an insurance package. Thus, the three of them make the poor decision to keep the money for themselves… more>>
Monsieur Batignole
Paris, July 1942. France is under German occupation. Edmond, a butcher whose future son in law is an active collaborator, inadvertently takes part in the deportation of his Jewish neighbor’s family... more>>
Un aller simple
I work as a civil servant at the ministry of Foreign Affairs. My boss, Loupiac, is having an affair with my wife. I can't stand it any longer. I accepted this mission to escape the situation... more>>
Les Destinées sentimentales
Pauline is twenty years old when she and Jean first meet at a ball in Barbazac in the Charente. Jean, a minister married with children, has just recently realized the failure of his marriage with Nathalie. Despite efforts to conform to Protestant society’s standards surrounding them, from this moment on, Pauline and Jean’s “emotional destinies” are linked... more>>

Betty Fisher and Other Stories
Two different women from different worlds: Betty Fisher, a successful young writer, discovers the joys of motherhood with her four-year-old son Joseph whom she cherishes; Carole, a waitress in a bar at a shopping center, has had a difficult life and has trouble showing love and affection to her son José. These two young women, whose lives are so far apart, are brought together by Betty's eccentric mother Margot, who has suddenly reappeared after a long absence. After the tragic loss of Betty's son, Margot develops an incredible scheme to prove her love to her daughter: she "replaces" Joseph by another child. more>>



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