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Un aller simple

a film by Laurent Heynemann

2001 – France
comedy - 1:30

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I work as a civil servant at the ministry of Foreign Affairs. My boss, Loupiac, is having an affair with my wife. I can't stand it any longer. I accepted this mission to escape the situation.

"Humanitarian Attaché" : I have to take a young clandestine back to his country. He belongs to the Grey Men of Irguiz, a tribe of refugees since prehistory in a forbidden city in the Great Atlas. The kid is amazing.

I suspect that his identity papers are fake, that he probably made up this legend. But to believe him is the best way to return him to his home, and it makes me feel good. The power of a legend is unbelievable, once you've decided to believe it... Being with the kid makes me rediscover life, revive my dreams. And Valérie, the guide he talked me into employing, is about to become the biggest love of my life.

Real life begins.













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