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a film by Gérard Jugnot

2002 – France
dramatic comedy - 1:40

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Cesar 2003 for best male newcomer - Jean Paul Rouve


Paris, July 1942. France is under German occupation. Edmond, a butcher whose future son in law is an active collaborator, inadvertently takes part in the deportation of his Jewish neighbor’s family.

When the neighbor’s son, Simon, shows up on what used to be his doorstep, he finds that Edmond and his family are now living there. Feeling guilty and seeking to avoid trouble with the German authorities, Edmond hides the boy who is soon joined by his two little cousins, also orphaned by the war. As it becomes increasingly difficult for him to hide the kids from his family and from his son in law’s fascist boss, Colonel Spreich, Edmond finds himself getting more and more attached to them. Risking it all, he decides to help them make their way to the Swiss border. But that’s where his troubles really begin…

A deeply moving story about an ordinary man who discovers extraordinary courage in himself.













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