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Quelqu’un de


a film by Patrick Timsit

2002 – France
comedy - 1:40

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Pierre has been furious with his brother Paul since the latter stole his fiancée away from him ten years ago. Nothing in the world would induce him to see Paul again. Yet, his life depends on it: he needs an urgent liver transplant and Paul is one of the few people whose blood type is compatible with his.

Marie, Pierre’s wife-to-be, encourages him to try everything to persuade his brother to give him a piece of his liver. With this aim in mind, he even accompanies Paul, sales representative for Thalasso products, on his sales tour of the Atlantic Coast. During this reunion, punctuated with endless explanations, arguments, break ups and patch ups, both brothers are mutually enriched by exchanging their views about the foundations of life, which is to say, cars, baldness, bar hostesses, fitted pants and seaweed soaks…

None of this distracts them from their main – and opposing – objectives: Pierre wants to convince Paul to accept the operation and Paul wants to find a way of escaping it.













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