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2002 Festival Feature Films


In Paris on March 3, 1942, while living under Nazi Occupation, two men suddenly find their destinies forever intertwined. One is Jean Aurenche, a screenwriter and poet who refuses to work for the Germans and thus undertakes a heroic battle using the only weapon at his disposal, his pen. The other is Jean Devaivre, an assistant director in a film studio in Boulogne. Forced to work for the German-run production company "Continental", Devaivre finds his own methods of subtle defiance. One day he's given the chance to pass some important Nazi documents on to the Resistance. He takes the risk. While the two men know precious little of each other, both find their own ways to undermine the Nazis. more>>



Betty Fisher and Other Stories
Two different women from different worlds: Betty Fisher, a successful young writer, discovers the joys of motherhood with her four-year-old son Joseph whom she cherishes; Carole, a waitress in a bar at a shopping center, has had a difficult life and has trouble showing love and affection to her son José. These two young women, whose lives are so far apart, are brought together by Betty's eccentric mother Margot, who has suddenly reappeared after a long absence. After the tragic loss of Betty's son, Margot develops an incredible scheme to prove her love to her daughter: she "replaces" Joseph by another child. more>>


little senegal

Little Senegal
After many years as a tour guide in the Slave Museum on the island of Gorée in Senegal, Alloune, a 65-year-old widower, decides to go to America to find the descendants of his ancestors, taken away from his village two centuries before and sold into slavery in the New World. From Charleston, South Carolina to a small neighborhood in Harlem called Little Senegal, he reconstructs his genealogical tree and follows it to Ida Robinson, his distant cousin. Guided by his vision of reuniting his grand African family separated by centuries, Alloune will be confronted with the bitter social tensions and ostracism between the African and African-American communities. more>>



Barnie's Minor Annoyances
Barnie lives in Calais but works in London. Everyday, he takes the Eurostar train under the English Channel to go to work. Although he is married to Lucie, Barnie has two lovers in London: Margot, a young and fresh advertising executive; and Mark, a hot 35-year-old auctioneer. Everything is going fine for Barnie, until Margot, Mark and Lucie separately offer Barnie the same birthday present: a round-trip ticket to Venice on the Orient-Express…for the exact same dates. What will Barnie do? more>>


portes de gloire

The Gates of Glory
Suddenly, Jérôme is catapulted into a new job. His future father-in-law hires him as a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. He gets a crash course in sales techniques; however, the tools of the trade that his collegues employ are always unorthodox and at times downright deceitful. The most vicious of them all is Régis, the determined area coordinator who see plenty of opportunities with the arrival of his new recruit.


la-bas mon pays

Return to Algiers
After 30 years, Pierre Nivel, a renowned journalist, returns to the country of his childhood, in order to bring back to France the daughter of his first love. Despite her wishes she is to be married to a terrorist of the GIA, a militant Islamic faction. By taking this impromptu trip back to his roots, Pierre not only rediscovers his former country, but also himself…


Oui, mais...

Yes, but...
Eglantine is a seventeen-year-old girl in the midst of discovering her sexuality. Her microcosm consists of her overbearing mother, her absent father, and her boyfriend who has a tendancy to come on a little too strong. To cope with the stress she has dealing with her parents, compounded by the difficulties that puberty brings on, she decides to undergo therapy with an unorthodox shrink. Her existence will be changed forever.


franc tireur

Casualties of Glory
July 21st 1944: Vercors, a region in the French Alps, is surrounded by German troops. Their plan is to eliminate the resistance groups that have taken refuge in the area. Michel Perrat is there visiting his grandmother when her village is attacked. To save his life, he flees and joins a handful of resistance fighters and civilians who are themselves trying to escape the Nazis. The enemy is closing in.


nationale 7 Uneasy Riders
Foul-tempered René suffers from muscular dystrophy. His anger and cruelty victimizes the nurse and the other residents in the assisted-living home where he resides. Much of his anger stems from his unrequited natural desires for physical love, and as he is over 50, he desperately wants to make love to a woman while there’s still time. Julie, his brand-new nurse, is shy but determined. She sets out to find René a lover on the National Highway 7. This undertaking is less simple than it seems, and creates a snowball effect in the residential home.



Kirikou and the Sorceress
The tiny Kirikou is born into an African village upon which a sorceress called Karaba has cast a terrible spell. Kirikou is determined to rid the village of her curse and understand the cause of her wickedness. His adventure-filled voyage leads Kirikou to the Forbidden Mountain, where the Wise Man of the Mountain awaits him. more>>



tout pres des etoiles

Dancers of the Paris Opera
Created by Jean-Baptiste Lully and Pierre Beauchamps in 1672, the Dance School of the National Opera of Paris is today under the direction of Brigitte Lefèvre. Nils Tavernier followed the work of the artists of the Ballet in all its diversity .The incredibly vast repertoire and rigorous structure gives rise to this most beautiful—but sometimes cruel—art form. more>>


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