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2002 Festival Short Films

Si yen a qu’ça dérange
When school gets out, Zebula goes about her day. Just make sure you don’t get in her way!

Ces Jours heureux
Everyone has experienced summer camp departures : the anxious parents, worried kids, and inexperienced counselors . . .

K.O. Kid
Two very different opponents square off in this boxing match. These half-human, half-cartoon characters make this film truly an original work of art . . . not only from the point of view of context but also for its visual effect.

Le Barbier
It’s 1943. In a small French village of occupied France, a part of the war seems to rest on the shoulders of a sympathetic barber. The Nazi officer who he is shaving is at his mercy…

Le Taxi
We might never know why this young man stepped into the taxi that night, but the brief time he spent with the cab driver suddenly becomes meaningful to these two men. This taxi "going nowhere" embarks on an intimate route: the discovery of one another.

Mon prince viendra
Nathalie is approaching adulthood. While her friend Caroline is content to wait for her "Prince Charming", Nathalie is impatient. Armed with her camera, she decides to pursue her man. The reality of her desires soon catches up with her and puts her face-to-face with her destiny.

Nouvelle de la tour L
One night, just outside apartment building L in the projects, a man is waiting. Somebody else comes and asks for some chocolate. A discussion begins.

Petites histoires de reins du tout
For young children who are confronted with disease, role-playing gives them an opportunity to express their concerns: the agonies of dialysis and waiting for a kidney transplant; their experiences at school, with their families, and in the hospital; their friendships and the intolerance; the joys and the tenderness. These are serious topics addressed in the language of children for children… as well as adults.

Why this film?…’cause!

R. Mertonensis
In life, some of us row.

Au premier dimanche d’août
By successive strokes, this film paints the portrait of a village during its annual summer dance. From dusk to dawn, the music spreads its rhythms, tangos and waltzes . . . revealing the dancers, the elderly and the youngsters, the kids laughing and scurrying between the adults’ legs, the drinkers, the lovers, the fighters, and the timid . . .

en français | festival schedule | feature films | short films | program (pdf)


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