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2010 Festival Feature Films (March 25-28)


French director Marc Barrat and actor George Aguilar present Orpailleur

director Marc Barrat screenplay Marc Barrat, Apsita Berthelot starring Tony Mpoudja, Julien Courbey, George Aguilar, Sara Martins, Philippe Nahon, Thierry Godard, Malick Bowens, Ricky Tribord running time 1 h 30 min parental guidance


Rod decides to return to French Guiana, his native country, accompanied by Gonz, his childhood friend. In Cayenne, the past and Rod’s family history catch up to them, pushing them into a frenzied quest for truth. From then on, they will be caught in a downward spiral, carried away to the end of the river, to the heart of the virgin forest, into the hostile and savage world of illegal gold prospectors.

Marc Barrat

2008 Orpailleur
2004 Blaise Saint-Christophe
  Chien pé fé chat
  Les Pupuces
  La Deuxième femme
  Les Invités
1998 Les Blues du Maskilili

Tony Mpoudja

2010 Bec et ongles by Élodie Monlibert
2009 Orpailleur by Marc Barrat
2005 Scorpion by Julien Séri
2004 Tout l’univers by Fabrice Benchaouche
  Dans tes rêves by Denis Thybaud
2002 Bonne nuit by Jean-Paul Salomé
2001 Balafola by Mohamed Camara
2000 La Squale by Fabrice Genestal

Julien Courbey

selected filmography

2009 Neuilly sa mère! by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière
  Les Suspects by Sébastien Onomo
  Chronique de l’Afrique sauvage by Issam Mathlouti
2008 Les Barons by Nabil Ben Yadir
  Orpailleur by Marc Barrat
2007 Faubourg 36 by Christophe Barratier
  Cibles by Olivier Chateau
  Affaire de famille by Claus Drexel
2006 Jean de la Fontaine, le défi by Daniel Vigne
2005 Bleu blanc rouge by Mahmoud Zemmouri
2004 Mariés où presque by Franck Llopis
  Alive by Frédéric Berthe
  Asylum by Olivier Chateau
  Il était une fois dans l’oued by Djamel Bensalah
2003 Chouchou by Merzak Allouache
2001 Le Raid by Djamel Bensalah
  Gamer by Patrick Lévy
2000 Old school by Karim Abbou, Kader Ayd
  Se souvenir des belles choses by Zabou Breitman
1998 Le Ciel; les oiseaux… et ta mère! by Djamel Bensalah
1997 K by Alexandre Arcady
  Y a du foutage de gueule dans l’air by Djamel Bensalah
1996 Hommes, femmes, mode d’emploi by Claude Lelouch
1995 Les Anges gardiens by Jean-Marie Poiré
  Adultère, mode d’emploi by Christine Pascal
1994 Priez pour nous by Jean-Pierre Vergne
1993 À cause d’elle by Jean-Loup Hubert
1991 Triplex by Georges Lautner

George Aguilar

selected filmography

2008 Client(e) by Josiane Balasko
  Orpailleur by Marc Barrat
2005 La Vie est à nous! by Gérard Krawczyk
  Les Bronzés 3: Amis pour la vie by Patrice Leconte
2004 Casablanca driver by Maurice Barthélemy
  L’Ex-femme de ma vie by Josiane Balasko
2003 Le Mystère de la chambre jaune by Bruno Podalydès
  Notre musique by Jean-Luc Godard
1999 Le Fils du français by Gérard Lauzier

Sara Martins

2009 Mensch by Steve Suissa
2008 Après l’océan by Eliane De Latour
  Orpailleur by Marc Barrat
  Rumeurs, commérages, on dit que by Ingrid Lanzenerg
2007 La Solution by Benny Malapa
2006 J’invente rien by Michel Leclerc
  Fragiles by Martin Valente
  Mes copines by Sylvie Ayme
  L’Heure d’été by Olivier Assayas
2004 Ne quittez pas! by Arthur Joffé
  Dans tes rêves by Denis Thybaud
2002 Les Amateurs by Stéphanie Aubriot, Nicolas Acker

Transcribed interview with Marc Barrat following the screening of Orpailleur at the Angoulême Festival: http://filmfrancophone.fr/actualites/fiche.php?id=111.

Interview of director Marc Barrat

Since 1995, a new exodus, a new gold rush has been occurring in French Guiana. Today, the extracted gold is around 100-150 meters deep underground. OrpailleurForty tons of gold reserves, which presents a substantial opportunity for all; the forest is therefore in considerable danger.

It’s necessary to tackle the problem at the source, so cooperation with Brazil and Suriname, the two bordering countries is necessary.

The paradox is that Guiana is a French territory, where unbelievable stories are taking place. The people who are looking for gold are not necessarily driven by the quest for profit; they are first and foremost individuals trying to survive by the only means available. There is at the same time profound modernity and archaism. And all this takes place in the majestic National Amazonian Park in French Guiana. For that reason we cannot remain indifferent.

The film is consequently a fiction movie that is firmly anchored in reality, and will allow for some sort of improvement of the situation, I hope.

The film was directed on a tight budget and shot in only 35 days; the act of shooting in the Guiana forest seemed very ambitious on paper. The producer then came with me on location, as I am Guianese, to ensure the feasibility of the project because numerous questions cropped up concerning logistical organization, lighting for example. The extras helped make the film more realistic since it centers on people who live in the forest, and I chose to use real orpailleurs, or gold panners. We recreated the gold washing camps based on existing camps.




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