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2010 Festival Short Films (March 25-28)

7:57 am-pm

Director Simon Lelouch presents 7.57 am-pm

director/screenwriter Simon Lelouch producer Patrick Salama running time 10 min 50 s


May 25, 2009: Renaud Capuçon insisted in taking part in this film by interpreting Gluck’s masterpiece “Orfeo Melody” on a 1737 Guarnerius violin named “Viscount of Panette” in the Paris subway, Line 6, from 7:57 a.m. to 7:57 p.m. Two days later, his sold-out concert was taking place at the prestigious Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris. Read more

Allons-y! Alonzo!

Director Camille Moulin-Dupré presents the animation Allons-y! Alonzo!

director/screenwriter Camille Moulin-Dupré producers Jean-François Le Corre, Arnaud Demuynck running time 7 min 52 s


This cartoon is a tribute to actor Jean-Paul Belmondo.

A walkway by the seashore: an old man is reading his newspaper with his white dog at his side when a woman passing by interrupts his reading. He runs after the beautiful woman and dives into an animated comic strip which recounts his trials and tribulations on the big screen. Read more

Birds Get Vertigo Too

Director Sarah Cunningham presents Birds Get Vertigo Too

director/screenwriter Sarah Cunningham producer Mathilde Wagman running time 19 min


Barnz and Shaena live together in a circus that travels throughout Wales. Barnz acts as Shaena’s balance and support as she vaults through the air as a trapeze artist. They rely on each other, both on and off the stage. The show is ready to go on, however sometimes even birds get vertigo. Read more


Director Damien Dufresne presents Chantier

director/screenwriter Damien Dufresne producers Benjamin Toussaint, Charles Philippe running time 29 min


Pascal, in his 50s, has turned the page on his tumultuous past as a delinquent. Nowadays, the only thing he aspires to in life is peace and quiet, and he works on the renovation of an old house in the countryside. When Kevin, a young man in despair, turns up one morning and asks Pascal for work, the ghosts of his delinquent past reappear. Read more

De si près

De si près

director/screenwriter Rémi Durin producer Arnaud Demuynck running time 13 min


In a park, a grandfather, sitting on a bench, is dreaming quietly. Behind the apparent serenity of the old man, images of the Great War surface: battles, killings, blasts … Mr. Gerbier came close to dying three times. But today, death is very close. So close that it may be sitting across the walk, on a bench, waiting for him. Read more

Edgar Allen Poe

Directors Pierre-William Glenn, Jean-Jaques Bouhan and Rob Tregenza with casting director Anne Chapman present The Sad and Lonely Death of Edgar Allan Poe

director/screenplay La Fémis and VCUarts Cinema students with supervision of Pierre-William Glenn and Rob Tregenza running time 5 min


A creative interpretation of Poe’s internal demons in time and in space, then and now. The Sad and Lonely Death of Edgar Allan Poe is a creation of students from La Fémis and VCU School of the Arts Cinema that was shot in Richmond during the 16th French Film Festival. Filming was supervised by Pierre-William Glenn, Jean-Jacques Bouhon and Rob Tregenza, with film editing by Pierre-William Glenn. Read more

En attendant que la pluie cesse

Director Charlotte Joulia presents En attendant que la pluie cesse

director/screenwriter Charlotte Joulia producer Philippe Braunstein running time 8 min 53 s


A thunderstorm erupts. A woman takes refuge under a porch way where a man has already found shelter. Everything comes to a standstill, for a short moment, until the rain stops. Read more


La Clef du problème

Director Guillaume Cotillard and producer Magali Potier present La Clef du problème

director/screenwriter Guillaume Cotillard producer Magali Potier running time 10 min


On the way to the airport, Peter realizes that he forgot his passport at home. Scared that he is going to miss his flight, he urgently returns home to retrieve it. As soon as he arrives at his apartment, he discovers that he left his keys in the taxi. Fortunately, he has given a spare key to his neighbor Krista. However when Peter calls her, he learns that she is in Los Angeles. Read more

Le train où ça va…

Jeanne Guillot presents Le train où ça va…

director/screenwriter Jeanne Guillot running time 18 min


A child, his mother and his grandfather. The three of them are reunited for the weekend, awaiting a train. The grandfather has promised that the old railroad would be in service again soon. Read more

Plus tard, je serai Zorro

Director Joël Olivier and director of photography Mathieu-David Cournot present Plus tard, je serai Zorro

director/screenwriter Joël Olivier producer Alexandre Charlet running time 16 min


A 10-year-old child disguises himself as Zorro to overcome his fear of returning home. Read more


Actors Guillaume Viry and Jean-Pierre Léonardini present Procuration

director/screenwriter Vital Philippot producers Karine Blanc, Michel Tavarès running time 15 min 30 s


Daniel Peretti, an old left-wing militant, has never missed voting in an election. On the very day of his death, he entrusts to his oldest son, Vincent, the mission of voting for him. That night, Vincent, horrified, finds in his pocket the ballot that he should have slipped into the ballot box. He does not know for whom he voted, but certainly not for the right candidate. Read more

Vers où s’envolent les papillons…

Director and actress Julie Voisin and actor and producer Mathieu Simonet present Vers où s’envolent les papillons…

director/screenwriter Julie Voisin producers Julie Voisin, Mathieu Simonet running time 10 min 20 s


A corridor. A young woman and a young man are sitting face to face. They glance at each other without saying a word. A door opens. It is their turn! Read more





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