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2009 Festival Short Films (March 27-29)

Coups de filet

French director David Kremer presents the North American premiere of Coups de filet

director/screenplay David Kremer producer La Fémis running time 34 min


It is 6 a.m. and Sébastien goes out on the deck of the fishing boat and lights up a cigarette. It is not really a new day of fishing that is starting. It is rather a continuation … Read more

Bruit blanc

French director Senda Bonnet presents the North American premiere of Bruit blanc

director Senda Bonnet screenplay David Lucas producer La Fémis starring Dorothée Brière, Florès Dardo, Auriane Mejias, Corentin Koskas
running time 11 min


Laura, an actress almost 40 years old, starts doubting her ability to play the role of Victoria Cruz, a young beauty queen, and feels less and less desirable to her on-screen lover, Franck. Fiction and reality keep merging in her mind when her inner demons resurface. Read more


French director Benjamin Rufi presents the North American premiere of Leila

director/screenplay Benjamin Rufi producer La Fémis starring Lilly Eido, Salah Teskouk, Rayane Mezzouri
running time 14 min


Leila, a young nurse from North Africa has done something for which she cannot forgive herself. She has taken one of her patients off the respirator. On her way back home, she is faced with moral dilemmas. Accidents and strange encounters lead her to question her own actions. Why did she act against her religious beliefs? What kind of a woman is she becoming? Why has she killed her father? Read more

L’Homme est le seul oiseau qui porte sa cage

French producer Aurélia Prévieu presents the North American premiere of L’Homme est le seul oiseau qui porte sa cage

director/screenplay Claude Weiss producer Sacrebleu Productions running time 12 min


A cold world full of people whose heads have been replaced by a cage filled with a rubber balloon. They cross paths with each other in the streets of an immense city. All these individuals resemble each other and live in a uniform way. Some, in an act of madness or lucidity, try to let their balloon fly free, but each attempt systematically meets with failure. But one person, nevertheless, finds a way to escape. Read more

Open the Door Please

French screenwriter Yann Le Gal presents the North American premiere of Open the Door Please

directors/screenplay Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige producer Tara Films starring Maxime Juravliov, Bernard Lapene, Gilbert Traina, Lucie Pichon running time 12 min


At 12-years-old, Jacques (future director Jacques Tati) is more than six feet tall, while his classmates are one foot or more shorter. This morning is the day of the class photo, where the photographer tries in vain to line up the students in a way to balance out the picture, looking for good symmetry. But where should Jacques, standing beside his classmates, be placed in this photo? Read more


French director Yves Brodsky presents the North American premiere of Subterfuge(s)

director/screenplay Yves Brodsky producer in association with TNT starring Tewfik Bensnoussi, Frédéric Souterelle, Christelle Philippe, Julien Chatelet, Laurent Petitguillaume running time 10 min


Double murder … Georges’ life collapses: shock, pain, grief, bewilderment. Who is to say what is reality or a nightmare? He is progressively drowning in events that he must sort out. Who killed his wife and her lover? Who is pulling the strings and why?

And the most frightening: if it was only him, burned by madness? Read more


French director Dominique Duport presents the North American premiere of Anbafèy

director/screenplay Dominique Duport producer Les Films du Requin starring Rudy Claude, Josué Gueppoid, Eddy Arnell running time 6 min 40 s


A man carelessly discards a small soda can in the midst of the Guadeloupean forest. One angry leaf will hunt him down. Read more

La Pomme de Newton

French director Vincent Vizioz presents the North American premiere of La Pomme de Newton

director/screenplay Vincent Vizioz producer 4 A 4 Productions starring Mathieu Boogaerts, Carlotta Verny running time 11 min 32 s


Simon lives in the trees and never clambers down from them. He has withdrawn from the world and leads a rudimentary, studious existence. The arrival of a young woman on the scene turns his world upside down. Read more

Welcome to Whitechapel District

French director Marie Vieillevie presents the North American premiere of Welcome to Whitechapel District

director/screenplay Marie Vieillevie producer R!Stone Productions running time 5 min 8 s


London’s Whitechapel neighborhood recounts to a passerby (the camera) the story of Jack the Ripper. But perhaps this story is nothing other than the fanciful imagination of the passerby. … Read more

Ma sixtine

French directors Jonathan Colinet and Sébastien Dubus present the North American premiere of Ma sixtine

directors/screenplay Jonathan Colinet, Sébastien Dubus producer Sacrebleu Productions starring David Perrin, Olivier Mansard, Barbara Gassier running time 17 min


Jeff reproduces famous paintings. One day, the arrival of a new female neighbor on the floor above will turn his life on its head. Read more

La Copie de Coralie

French director Nicolas Engel presents the North American premiere of La Copie de Coralie

director/screenplay Nicolas Engel producer Crescendo Films starring Serge Riaboukine, Jeanne Cherhal running time 22 min 9 s


Mr. Conform, owner of the photocopy shop, Conform Copy, has spent the past 30 years haunted by the memory of a woman who vanished. Virginie, his young assistant, decides to take things into her own hands and hangs posters around the town. Read more

Monsieur Cok

French director Franck Dion presents the North American premiere of Monsieur Cok

director/screenplay Franck Dion producer Papy3D Productions voice-over Gaëtan Gallier running time 9 min 45 s


Mister Cok is the owner of a large bomb factory. His craze for productivity and his hunger for profit lead him to replace all of his employees with highly advanced robots. The former workers powerlessly witness their replacements at the factory. But that does not mean they will all leave without a fight. Read more

Le Tonneau des Danaïdes

French director David Guiraud and French producer Sébastien Aubert present the North American premiere of Le Tonneau des Danaïdes

director/screenplay David Guiraud producer Ad Astra Films director of photography Matthieu-David Cournot starring Benoît Rabillé, Sandrine Pottier, Claire-Estelle Murphy running time 12 min 30 s


In the burning vastness of the desert, a man is buried up to his neck in the sand. A woman, dressed in red veils, heads for the horizon without taking any notice of him. Awoken by the intoxication of his senses, he manages, after many efforts, to extract himself from his sand cradle. Then his quest for desire truly begins. Read more

Arrêt demandé

French actor Pascal Vincent presents the North American premiere of Arrêt demandé

director/screenplay Thomas Perrier producer Karé Productions starring Pascal Vincent, Anne Charrier running time 10 min 20 s


That particular afternoon, Patrice encounters Magalie for the first time.
For the first time they are ready to get intimate. But Magalie hasn’t been totally upfront with him and Patrice doesn’t know what he is in for. Read more


French director Mona Achache presents the North American premiere of Wawa

director/screenplay Mona Achache producer Belhara Films starring Balthazar Monge, Aimée Boutet, Garance Heinry running time 10 min


Garance has just lost his “Wawa.” It will be recovered, tossed around, transported, thrown away, pulled along, picked up, torn, launched, crushed, trampled, given, knocked down, stolen, stained, forgotten, chewed up, beaten, crushed and found again. Here is the unfortunate series of events of a stuffed dog on the streets of Paris. Read more

French director Raphaël Chevènement presents the North American premiere of Une leçon particulièreUne leçon particulière

director/screenplay Raphaël Chevènement producer Les films du Requin starring Cécile Ducrocq, Raphaël Goldman running time 10 min 14 s


Seventeen-year-old Cyril has a private French lesson with 27-year-old Éva. They study a love poem by Victor Hugo. Read more




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