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2009 Schedule

Byrd Theatre

Friday, March 27

Noon Master class: Image Creation in Filmmaking

Part 1

  1. Directors of photography, image creators in filmmaking
  2. Round table and discussion led by Fémis professor, French director and president of CST Pierre-William Glenn; VCU professor,  director of VCUarts Cinema and independent film director, Rob Tregenza; and VCU and UR French Film Festival directors and professors Françoise Ravaux-Kirkpatrick and Peter Kirkpatrick

  3. La Femis/VCUarts Cinema Shorts Project
    1. Drift
    2. The Sad and Lonely Death of Edgar Allan Poe
    3. Music Short

Part 2

Studying and producing film images – From film studies to short film production

    La Fémis short films in context:
  1. Coup de filet (framing sea storms) by David Kremer
    » Read English Translation [PDF]

  2. Bruit blanc (capturing women’s faces on film) by Senda Bonnet
    » Read English Translation [PDF]

  3. Leila (exploring nocturnal darkness and shadows with digitalcameras) by Benjamin Rufi
    » Read English Translation [PDF]
  1. English translations of the three La Fémis film studies have been translated from French to English by UR and VCU French majors/minors and festival interns.

Part 3

New technologies in cinema production and projection: Setting new standards for the image industry.

  1. Pierre-William Glenn, president, CST; Rip Hampton O’Neil, director of research and development, CST; Alain Besse, board member, CST and sound editor; and Angelo Cosimano, general director, Digimage.
4 p.m.

L’Auberge rouge
Followed by the master class “Laughter and Cinema”and discussion with French director Gérard Krawczyk and French actress Josiane Balasko

7 p.m.

J’ai vu tuer Ben Barka
Discussion with French director Serge Le Péron and French actress Josiane Balasko

9:30 p.m.

Deux jours à tuer by Jean Becker

Saturday, March 28

8 a.m.

Mia et le Migou by Jacques-Rémy Girerd
Discussion with French screenwriter and art director Benoît Chieux

10:30 a.m.

15 ans et demi
Discussion with French directors François Desagnat and Thomas Sorriaux and associate producer Sandrine Paquot

1 p.m.

L’après-midi de Monsieur Andesmas
Discussion with French director Michelle Porte and director of photography Dominique Le Rigoleur

3:15 p.m.

Presentation of the 2009 French Delegation, introduced by His Excellency Pierre Vimont, the French Ambassador to the United States, VCU President Eugene P. Trani, UR President Edward Ayers and Festival President Claude Miller

4 p.m.

Discussion with French director, screenwriter, producer, actress Josiane Balasko and French actor George Aguilar

7 p.m. Official Reception at the VCU Scott House
9:30 p.m.

Les murs porteurs
Discussion with French director Cyril Gelblat

12 a.m.

First Short Film Series
L’Homme est le seul oiseau qui porte sa cage
Open The Door Please
La Pomme de Newton
Welcome to the Whitechapel District

Discussion with French directors Yves Brodsky, Dominique Duport, Vincent Vizioz, Marie Vieillevie, French screenwriter Yann Le Gal and French producer Aurélia Prévieu.

Sunday, March 29

8 a.m.

Second Short Film Series
Ma sixtine
La Copie de Coralie
Monsieur Cok
Le Tonneau des Danaïdes
Arrêt demandé
Une Leçon particulière

Discussion with French directors Sébastien Dubus, Jonathan Colinet, Nicolas Engel, Franck Dion, David Guiraud, Mona Achache, Raphaël Chevènement, French actor Pascal Vincent and French producer Sébastien Aubert

10:20 a.m.

Discussion with French documentary director Pierre Marcel

12:40 p.m.

Discussion with French director Philippe Muyl

3 p.m.

Musée haut, musée bas
Discussion with French director Jean-Michel Ribes, French producer Frédéric Brillion and French actress Josiane Balasko

5:30 p.m.

Closing ceremony with French Delegation

6:15 p.m.

Françoise Dolto, le désir de vivre
Discussion with French director Serge Le Péron and French actress Josiane Balasko

The Byrd Theatre is located at 2908 W. Cary St. in Richmond. A parking deck is located directly behind the theatre.

Official reception
The Official Reception for all Festival student-, faculty- and regular VIP-pass reception-holders who have purchased the $25 add-on for the reception. If you have purchased a pass already and did not choose the reception add-on, you still may do so by contacting the festival office. The reception’s event caterer is A Sharper Palate and the following food sponsors: 1 North Belmont, Cafe Rustica, European Market & Café, Jean Jacques Bakery, Millie’s, River City Cellars, The Black Sheep, Sophisticated Soirées, and Weezie’s Kitchen. This special event will be held on the evening of Saturday, March 28 from 7-9 p.m. at the historic VCU Scott House, located on 909 W. Franklin St. Parking for the reception has been reserved all along W. Franklin Street from Harrison to Laurel streets.






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