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2008 Festival Short Films (March 28-30)

French directors Vincent Burgevin and Franck Lebon present the North American premiere of Heureux qui comme Edouard

Heureux qui comme EdouardHeureux qui comme Edouard

Heureux qui comme Edouard

directors/screenwriters Vincent Burgevin, Franck Lebon producer Philippe Braunstein (Les Films d’Avalon) starring Boris Vigneron, Jérôme Bruno, Patrick de Valette, Jennifer Colin, Patrick Vendeville, Denis Hubleur running time 21 min


Edward is an ambitious young businessman hired by the multinational Croesus Inc., a modern temple for profit. He will boost growth at any price and train an absurd chorus of unions, investors and executives for the meteoric rise of the free market.

Vincent Burgevin

2007 Heureux qui comme Edouard with Franck Lebon

Franck Lebon

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  La Clef by Philip Mattéaccioli
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Boris Vigneron

2007 Heureux qui comme Edouard by Vincent Burgevin, Franck Lebon

Jérôme Bruno

2007 Heureux qui comme Edouard by Vincent Burgevin, Franck Lebon





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