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2008 Festival Feature Films (March 28-30)


French actor Thierry Lhermitte presents the North American premiere of L’Invité

director Laurent Bouhnik screenplay David Pharao adapted from the play L’Invité by David Pharao, published by L’Avant Scène théâtre producers Maurice Illouz, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam starring Daniel Auteuil, Valérie Lemercier, Thierry Lhermitte, Hippolyte Girardot running time 1 h 22 min although not rated, parental guidance suggested


Fifty years old, three years out of work, unemployment insurance about to run out … Gérard is at the end of his rope when a new job comes up in Indonesia. To win the favor of his new employer, Gérard invites him over for dinner.

Fatal error! Terrified at the idea of not being up to scratch, his wife Colette begs Alexandre, their neighbor, to help them. A communications guru, Alexandre rises to the challenge and gives the couple a new look in 24 hours. Their apartment, decor, lifestyle, dinner menu, outfits, general culture — everything goes through the mill! Twists and turns, dramatic turns of events, blunders and unexpected incidents … it’s all a hectic mess until, completely on edge, at the end of their tether, wracked with anxiety, our couple finally opens the door to their guest.

Laurent Bouhnik

2003 24 heures de la vie d’une femme
1999 Speedball (Scénarios sur la drogue)
1998 Zonzon
1997 Select Hotel

Thierry Lhermitte

2007 La Clef by Guillaume Nicloux
  Zanzibar Hôtel by François Margolin
  Notre univers impitoyable by Léa Fazer
2005 Les Bronzés 3: Amis pour la vie by Patrice Leconte
2004 Qui perd gagne! by Laurent Bénégui (VCU French Film Festival 13)
  L’Ex-femme de ma vie by Josiane Balasko

Le Divorce by James Ivory

  Ripoux 3 by Claude Zidi
  Cette femme-là by Guillaume Nicloux
2002 And Now … Ladies and Gentlemen by Claude Lelouch
  Effroyables Jardins by Jean Becker (VCU French Film Festival 12)
2001 La Bande du drugstore by François Armanet
  Une affaire privée by Guillaume Nicloux
2000 Deuxième vie by Patrick Braoudé (VCU French Film Festival 9)
  Le Prince du Pacifique by Alain Corneau (VCU French Film Festival 9)
  Le Placard by Francis Veber
  Le Roman de Lulu by Pierre-Olivier Scotto
1999 Trafic d’influence by Dominique Farrugia
1998 Le Dîner de cons by Francis Veber
Quatre garçons pleins d’avenir by Jean-Paul Lilienfeld (VCU French Film Festival 6)
1996 Marquise by Véra Belmont
1995 Ma femme me quitte by Didier Kaminka
1994 Grosse fatigue by Michel Blanc
  Un Indien dans la ville by Hervé Palud
1992 Tango by Patrick Leconte
  Le Zèbre by Jean Poiret (VCU French Film Festival 4)
1991 Les Secrets professionnels du Dr Apfelgluck by Hervé Palud
  La Totale by Claude Zidi
1990 Ripoux contre Ripoux by Claude Zidi
  Les Mille et une nuits by Philippe de Broca
  Promotion canapé by Didier Kaminka
1987 Dernier été à Tanger by Alexandre Arcady
1986 Nuit d’ivresse by Bernard Nauer
1985 Les Rois du gag by Claude Zidi
Le Mariage du siècle by Philippe Galland
1984 La Smala by Jean-Loup Hubert
  Les Ripoux by Claude Zidi
1983 La Femme de mon pote by Bertrand Blier
1982 Légitime violence by Serge Leroy
  Le Père Noël est une ordure by Jean-Marie Poiré
1981 L’Année prochaine si tout va bien by Jean-Loup Hubert
  Clara et les chics types by Jacques Monnet
1979 Les Bronzés font du ski by Patrice Leconte
1978 Les Bronzés by Patrice Leconte
1976 Que la fête commence by Bertrand Tavernier
1974 Les Valseuses by Bertrand Blier

Valérie Lemercier

2007 Agathe Clery by Etienne Chatiliez
2006 Le Héros de la famille by Thierry Klifa
Fauteuils d’orchestre by Danièle Thompson (Best Supporting Actress, 2007 César Award)
2004 Palais royal!
2003 RRRrrr!!! by Alain Chabat, Les Robins des Bois
2001 Vendredi soir by Claire Denis

Le Derrière

1996 Quadrille
1995 Sabrina by Sidney Pollack
1993 La Cité de la peur by Alain Berberian
Les Visiteurs by Jean-Marie Poiré (Best Supporting Actress, 1994 César Award)
1991 Le Bal des casse-pieds by Yves Robert
1990 L’Opération Corned Beef by Jean-Marie Poiré
1989 Milou en Mai by Louis Malle

Daniel Auteuil

2007 Le Deuxième Souffle by Alain Corneau
  Ma fille a 15 ans by François Desagnat, Thomas Sorriaux
2006 Dialogue avec mon jardinier by Jean Becker
  Napoléon (et moi) by Paolo Virzi
  MR73 by Olivier Marchal

La Doublure by Francis Veber


Peindre ou faire l’amour by Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu

  Mon meilleur ami by Patrice Leconte
  L’Entente cordiale by Vincent de Brus
2004 L'Un reste l’autre part by Claude Berri
  Caché by Michaël Haneke (Best Actor, 2005 European Film Awards)
  36, quai des Orfèvres by Olivier Marchal
Le Prix du désir by Roberto Ando
2003 Après vous... by Pierre Salvadori
Les Clés de bagnole by Laurent Baffie
2001 Petites coupures by Pascal Bonitzer
L'Adversaire by Nicole Garcia
2000 Le Placard by Francis Veber
La Veuve de St Pierre by Patrice Leconte
Sade by Benoît Jacquot
1999 La Fille sur le pont by Patrice Leconte (Best Actor, 2000 César Award)
Mauvaise passe by Michel Blanc
1997 Le Bossu by Philippe de Broca
1996 Lucie Aubrac by Claude Berri
Passage à l’acte by Francis Girod
Les Voleurs by André Téchiné
Le Huitième Jour by Jaco Van Dormael (Best Actor Award, 1996 Cannes Film Festival)

“Cover letter” of Laurent Bouhnik (director)

At a time when I wanted to make a film for a laugh, in the literal sense of the term, I was struck while reading the script of L’Invité. I found this play particularly intelligent and I immediately wanted to direct it, especially because it dealt with touching characters within a funny story.

For me, coming from a darker world and writing only very tormented things, this script is the perfect opportunity to talk about a serious theme with levity, thereby reaching the most people. Because the message of this comedy is extremely serious, to my mind the idea is to make a film about humiliation — in our society, what humiliations must we suffer in our lives? It is far from simple “pie in the face” humor or a silly school kid comedy.

In order to draft this script, I plan to use two sources of inspiration: British comedy, for its sense of rhythm and the wealth of its musical universe, and Italian comedy, for an image on the border between realism and the imaginary. To give examples, I especially appreciate the success of the emotional moments in “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” but also the slightly excessive image of “Ugly Dirty and Bad.”

L’InvitéI will therefore put great emphasis on the sets and costumes. One need only see the films of Pedro Almodovar or Tim Burton to understand how much the clothes and sets can reflect the psychology of a character. I will therefore endeavor for this apartment to evoke a feeling of a ’70s world that was never modernized, which sensation will be accentuated by the choice of wardrobe. I will seek a true synergy between the artistic elements and the actors’ dramatic art.

Lastly, I am quite aware, given the nature of the original play, of what strategies to avoid — not to do just filmed theater, and to make the viewer forget the action takes place in a single location. For this, I intend to implement a variety of angle shots.

Mock job interview of Thierry Lhermitte (actor)

What is your reason for applying for this role?
I felt it would be a good opportunity to have an enjoyable time with very talented actors on a very agreeable text.

What do you think you can contribute to this film?
My perfect diction.

What training have you had?
No diploma, in-house training.

What previous experience do you have in the field of comedy?
Twenty-five years of defending scripts of varying quality.

What do you know about the film’s director?
L’Invité He wears a cap.

How are you most suited for the role?
I know my lines very well.

Your weakest point?
I have a hard time pronouncing X’s.

What experience has most marked your career?
My acting prize in Bulgaria, Levdev for best actor in 1985 for Miroslav Pasticcio.

Do you enjoy working as a team?
I adore teams.

Do you know how to say no?
Whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Can you define yourself in a few words?
I am a valuable and punctual collaborator.

What are your salary requirements?
Indexed on the price of cocoa.

Professionally, where do you see yourself in five years?
I’m hoping for an honorable late career with a progressively scaled-back workload so that I may join a club for retired people.




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