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2007 Festival Short Films (March 30 - April 1)

Bonbon au poivre

French actress Chantal Banlier presents this screening of Bonbon au poivre

director Marc Fitoussi screenwriter Marc Fitoussi producer Caroline Bonmarchand (Avenue B Productions) starring Aure Atika, Chantal Banlier, Annie Mercier running time 38 min


Thirty-year-old Mélanie takes great care training future representatives of a famous confectionary label. Entirely dedicated to Lutin Gourmand products, she will not tolerate a casual attitude of whatever kind from her trainees. Among them, however, is Annick, 50, who makes no bones about her scorn for the aggressive selling techniques the company employs. It’s inevitable that a conflict will arise between the two women – unless unexpected events bring them together ... Read more

Coup de foudre

French producer Olivier Gastinel presents this North American premiere of Coup de foudre

directors Vincent Primault and Hédi Tillette de Clermont Tonnerre screenwriters Vincent Primault and Hédi Tillette de Clermont Tonnerre producer Olivier Gastinel (Carlito Films) starring Hédi Tillette de Clermont Tonnerre, Stéphane Brel, Amandine Maudet, Antoine Carillon, Jeanne Amaury running time 4 min


Two friends are chatting in the street when Joseph suddenly sees a girl he falls deeply in love with. He then decides to go toward her ... Read more

Demain la veille

French director Julien Lecat presents this North American premiere of Demain la veille

directors Julien Lecat and Sylvain Pioutaz screenwriters Julien Lecat and Sylvain Pioutaz producer Guillaume Colboc (Guyom Corp.) starring Stéphane Metzger, Nicky Naude, François Levantal, Frédéric Pierrot, Julie de Bona running time 16 min


In a world where time runs backwards and each person “rewinds his life,” Bob is a young thirtysomething living like everyone else. One night, he realizes that the universe in which he has evolved isn’t as normal as it seems and he becomes a fugitive. As he launches himself in a mad and irrational escape on the streets of a world where he no longer belongs, he is chased by mercenaries sent from an uncertain future to force him back on the “right path.”  Read more


French director Guillaume Martinez presents Gratte-papier

director Guillaume Martinez screenwriter Guillaume Martinez producer Guillaume Martinez (Babelone drone) starring Benjamin Bellecour, Gaëlle Brunet running time 8 min


A day like any other in the Parisian metro, or maybe not? A young man sits quietly reading his book. A young woman is seated next to him. They have nothing in common, nor do they know each other in the slightest. In spite of this, something quite unexpected occurs between them – in full view of all the other passengers. And yet, none of the other travelers seem to notice. Read more

Le petit martin

French director Violaine Bellet presents this North American premiere of Le Petit Martin

director Violaine Bellet screenwriter Violaine Bellet producer Guillaume de la Boulaye (Ostinato Production) starring Alexis Eygonnet, Anne Gaydier, Philippe Marchand running time 14 min


There is a fair in the village, which creates a lot of noise and commotion. Little Martin is called upon without rest by his mom. He does all that she tells him, but he suddenly insists on obtaining a red helium balloon … And then he wants a green one, and then a blue … Read more


French director Alexandre Mehring presents this North American premiere of Made in Taïwan

director Alexandre Mehring screenwriter Alexandre Mehring producer Renaud Chabert (Trinity Films) starring Philippe Bénard, Bô Gaultier de Kermoal, Emilie Caen running time 13:30 min


An American G.I. on a mission to rescue a kidnapped woman will find himself confronted with a bloodthirsty warrior from another time … Read more


French director Stéphanie Machuret presents this screening of Matopos

director Stéphanie Machuret screenwriter Stéphanie Machuret producer Ron Dyens (Sacrebleu productions) cinematographer Marc Boyer music composer Nawal Mlanao running time 12 min


In an African village, a young blind man, who’s also a storm victim, will be initiated by an angel and overcome his fears. Thanks to a flute's musical quality, he will be able to exorcize the villagers' fears and offer a different perception of the natural elements. Read more


French producer Simon Vannes presents this North American premier screening of Même les pigeons vont au paradis

director Samuel Tourneux screenwriters Karine Binaux, Olivier Gilbert, Samuel Tourneux producer Pierre Buffin (BUF Compagnie) voices of Frédéric Soutrel, Bernard Jung, Clémence Cornac running time 9 min


A priest leads a frantic chase to save a soul in danger. Read more

Mon dernier rôle

French director Olivier Ayache-Vidal presents this North American premiere of Mon dernier rôle

director Olivier Ayache-Vidal screenwriter Olivier Ayache-Vidal producer Cartel Productions starring Patrick Chesnais, Jean-Claude Brialy, Nicole Garcia, David Pujadas, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, Marine Royer, Malika Ouiche running time 14:24 min


It’s been three years that actor Patrick Chesnais has been unemployed and living in a small hotel room in the suburbs. Today, Patrick is going to carry out what he’s been thinking about for awhile. This may be his last part, but it will be the greatest … Read more

French director Slony Sow and actress Pauline Delpech present this North American premiere of Périphérique Blues

French director Slony Sow and actress Pauline Delpech present this North American premiere of Périphérique Blues

director Slony Sow screenwriter Slony Sow producer Magic Movies starring Pauline Delpech, Jacques Frantz, Slony Sow running time 14:20 min mature audience


One evening a loveless man is led to the edge of his conscience. This man’s mind will “run around in circles, inevitably creating suffering and sexual dissatisfaction that will ultimately make him crazy.” Read more

Qu sommes-nous?

French director Béatrice Pollet presents Qui sommes-nous?

director Béatrice Pollet screenwriter Béatrice Pollet producer Bandonéon starring Sandrine Bonnaire, Nicolas Pignon, Vincent Ozanon, Mary-Louise Brodie, Lucile Courtarel, Naïla Morian running time 10 min


A small country train station. A platform. A woman misses her train and, all of a sudden, finds herself plunged into the world of the homeless. A world she feels no part of. That is, until she begins to see the parallels with her own life … Read more


French director Matthieu-David Cournot presents this North American premiere of Voie d’eau

director Matthieu-David Cournot screenwriter Matthieu-David Cournot and Julia Lowy producer Femis starring Nouritza Emmanuelian, Philippe Noiret (voice over) running time 11 min


Sarah won’t answer the phone anymore. She lost her unborn child. Lying next to the cradle, she is drifting … until she puts her finger in a glass of water and discovers that she can travel to some unknown underwater world. Even if no one but her believes in this strange gift, she decides to explore it. Read more




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