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2005 Festival Short Films


Calypso is like so
Director Bruno Collet screenplay Bruno Collet producer Jean-François Le Corre (Vivement Lundi !) voice Claire Keim genre animation running time 7mn.
On an empty film set, a famous actor lives among his memories of the movies. An unexpected female visitor discovers the various personalities of this man who's as attractive as he is disturbing. ... An homage to Robert Mitchum.


Director Lewis-Martin Soucy screenplay Lewis-Martin Soucy producer Christophe Delord (Monumental Studio) starring Caroline Ducey, Jean-Marc Minéo, Eric Berger music Grégori Czerkinsky genre fiction running time 8mn.
Natacha is looking for love and romance! And she's got everything a girl could need. She's out on her first date with Mike. After a romantic dinner, she invites him in for a last drink at her place, determined to tell him what she feels. But sometimes too much communication kills communication.


Ligne de vie
Director Serge Avédikian screenplay Bruno Collet producer Dora Benousilio (Les Films de l’Arlequin) music Michel Karsky genre animation running time 12mn.
Faced with the absurdities and horrors of a concentration camp, the drawings of a prisoner represent the last witness of life for his companions. One night while drawing he is surprised by a guard.


Signes de vie
Director Arnaud Demuynck screenplay Arnaud Demuynck producer Arnaud Demuynck (La Boîte Productions) music Jarek Frankowski genre animation running time 10mn.
One night, near a cliff, a young woman receives a marvelous and unexpected invitation to life.


La révolution des crabes
Director Arthur de Pins screenplay Arthur de Pins producer Jérémy Rochigneux (Metronomic) voice Arthur de Pins music Gérard Calvi genre animation running time 5mn.
The crabs of the Gironde Estuary in France face a serious handicap: they can't change direction and are damned to follow the same straight line their whole lives. How do they cope with this tragic fate?


Altea Jacta est
Director Daniel Jenny screenplay Daniel Jenny producer Raynalt Fein (FMR Productions) starring Bernard Le Coq, Fanny Cottençon, François Grange, Karine Revelant, Rachel Ruello music Thierry Elliez genre fiction running time 12mn.
Linz – June 1901
In this small town in Austria, at the last minute, a surgeon, Doctor Rosenthal, saves a young boy — against the wishes of the head of the clinic unwilling to take the risk — from an almost certain death.

How could he have foreseen the consequences of his humanitarian act? But if he had known, what could he have done? Would he have questioned the Hippocratic oath?


Director Matthieu Rozé screenplay Matthieu Rozé producer Danielle-Eugénie Adorian (Link’s Productions) starring Raphaëline Goupilleau, Jean-Claude Dauphin, Sophie Guillemin genre fiction running time 6mn.
Françoise and Jean-Claude stroll into a porcelain store to find a gift for their niece’s wedding. An unfortunate gesture and a sugar bowl shatters into pieces. On the day of the wedding, Françoise has the brilliant idea to use her talents of mime and stunts. Look out for the fall!


La dernière minute
Director Nicolas Salis screenplay Nicolas Salis producer Laurence Farenc (Lazennec Tout Court) voice Jean Rochefort music Vincent Lendower genre animation running time 15mn.
La Dernière Minute (The Last Minute) follows the temporal adventures of a pair of twins, one who’s ahead of time and the other always late, in a world where punctuality is the rule of thumb. When our story begins, the driving principle was “a time for each and everyone.”


Petite Routine
Director Matthieu Van Eeckhout screenplay Matthieu Van Eeckhout voice Matthieu Van Eeckhout music Carlos Vieco producer Philippe Braunstein, Axel Guyot (Les Films d’Avalon) genre animation running time 5mn.
While strange preparations are underway, a curious character speaks to us about his job: tricks of the trade, experiences, what you should and shouldn't do — the routine of a true professional! But, just what is his job?



Le Carnet rouge
Director Mathieu Simonet screenplay Mathieu Simonet producer Jacques Perrin (Galatée Films) starring Toinette Laquière, Yann Claassen music Léo Ferré, Olli Barbe and Mickey Finn, Mum genre fiction running time 16mn.
A young woman hears about a rare book on the radio. What follows is a relentless quest. She scours bookstores and second-hand booksellers. Her disillusions will be dismissed by an unlikely meeting.


Sirène Song
Director Fanny Jean-Noël screenplay Fanny Jean-Noël producer Didier Perelman (PM Pub) starring Stéphanie Raphaël, Patrick de Valette, Patrick Barreau music Ludovic Bource genre fiction running time 5 mn.
A young woman dressed as a mermaid sings in the streets for a living.


La Méthode Bourchnikov
Director Grégoire Sivan screenplay Noémie de Lapparent, Frédéric Chansel and Grégoire Sivan producer Pascal Judelewicz (Les Films de Cinéma) voices Lorant Deutsch, Dieudonné, Macha Béranger, Catherine Jacob and Daniel Prevost genre animation running time 13mn.
The unthinkable has finally happened and a television crew will be there to witness the event: Alexandre Goübrick, son of the mythical film director Roman Goübrick, decided, 25 years after the mysterious disappearance of his father, to complete the final masterpiece of the famous director. Thus Alexandre leaves to search for his father’s former team and desperately attempts to find the missing piece of the film: the last scene.
Will the eccentric witnesses and contradictions of the suicidal and mythomanic actress, the megalomaniac and egocentric director of photography, and of the missing director’s eternal love of his script, help Alexandre to come to terms with the transcendental and terrifying aspects of the creative process? Will he attain a level of genius equal to his father’s by discovering the secret of the last scene? And this mysterious Vassili Bourchnikov, what is his connection to the disappearance of the Master?
The mystery remains to be solved. …

Rien de grave
Director Renaud Philipps screenplay Renaud Philipps producer Nicolas Mouchet (Les Films du Trésor) starring Jean Dujardin, Artus de Penguern music Eric and Frédéric Prados genre fiction running time 10mn.
Above our heads an airplane is in trouble. On the ground, a flying instructor takes the wheel of his car and heads for the airport.
Cell phone in hand, he gives his instructions and tries to avert the catastrophe … but the line of communication is quickly severed.



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