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2005 Festival Feature Films

Director Éléonore Faucher screenplay Éléonore Faucher, Gaëlle Macé producer Alain Benguigui starring Lola Naymark, Ariane Ascaride, Marie Félix, Jackie Berroyer, Thomas Laroppe running time 88mn.

When Claire learns that she is five months pregnant at the tender age of 17, she decides to give birth anonymously. She finds refuge with Madame Melikian, an embroiderer for haute couture designers. Day by day, stitch by stitch, as Claire's belly grows rounder, the threads of embroidery create a filial bond between them.


Director Philippe Lioret screenplay Philippe Lioret, Emmanuel Courcol, Christian Sinniger producer Christophe Rossignon starring Sandrine Bonnaire, Philippe Torreton, Grégori Derangère, Emilie Dequenne running time 104mn.

Camille arrives in Ouessant, the island of her birth off the Brittany coast, to sell the family home. She spends a last night in the house, during which she discovers a secret. In 1963 a man came to work with her father, who was the Jument lighthouse operator. He only stayed two months, but his presence proved to be a disturbing catalyst.

Director Philippe de Broca screenplay Philippe de Broca, Olga Vincent producers Jean-Michel Rey, Philippe Liégeois starring Catherine Frot, Jacques Villeret, Jules Sitruk, William Touil, Cherie Lunghi, Hannah Taylor Gordon, Richard Bremmer running time 100mn.

A cry of hate and rebellion, the film is an adaptation of one of the most famous and popular childhood novels in French literature: Hervé Bazin’s Vipère au poing. Largely autobiographical and told in a tragicomic tone, the film portrays the destructive, merciless, yet ferociously funny, fight between a ten year old child and his mother in the midst of a once well-to-do family in 1922. A coming of age story, the film is an optimistic lesson of life, depicting the conquest of freedom led by a child rebelling against the very one who made him an artist and a great writer.

Director Eric Rohmer screenplay Eric Rohmer producers Phillipe Liégeois, Jean-Michel Rey, Françoise Etchegaray starring Serge Renko, Katerina Didaskalou, Amanda Langlet, Cyrielle Clair, Grigori Manoukov running time 115mn.

1936, and Europe is shaken by the Popular Front and the Spanish Civil War. Fiodor, a young general in the Tsarist army who has taken refuge in Paris, and his Greek wife, Arsinoé, play their part in the general chaos. While she sympathizes with their communist neighbors, he carries out secret missions, delighting in confusing those around him. He makes no attempt to hide the fact that he is a spy, but conceals the identity of his masters. Is he working for the White Russian anticommunists, their Soviet counterparts, the Nazis or all these? Does he even know himself, this man who loves his wife but seems ready to sacrifice her in the name of a vile intrigue?
Loosely based on a real story, Triple Agent is a breathtaking spy story and a moral tale about underhanded dealings and lying. Where a couple’s life and the beginning of a world conflict cross, a moving and intimate epic takes shape.

Director Laurent Bénégui screenplay Laurent Bénégui, Guy Zilberstein, Alexia de Oliveira Gomes producers Jean-Christophe Colson starring Thierry Lhermitte, Elsa Zylberstein, Maurice Bénichou running time 92mn.

Jacques is a professional gambler who had problems with casinos in the past. Angèle, is a lieutenant in the French Intelligence Agency, and director of the gambling unit. They have been having a secret affair for several years.
One day, Serge Vaudier, an obscure math teacher, wins the lottery twice, one after the other, claiming to have found an infallible formula. When everybody quits playing the lottery, the State budget is affected! The Intelligence Agency has only a couple of days to expose Vaudier as an imposter. Statistically, nobody can win the lottery two times in a row without cheating. When traditional methods of investigation fail, Angèle is forced to resort to a gambler, the only person who can enter the mind of Serge Vaudier and expose him. That’s where Jacques enters the game.

Director Gilles Legrand screenplay Gilles Legrand, Philippe Vuaillat, Marie-Aude Murail producer Frédéric Brillion starring Jacques Villeret, Jules Angelo Bigarnet, Michèle Laroque, Claude Brasseur, Clovis Cornillac running time 94mn.

To be "missing" is not necessarily to have died. That's 8-year-old Tom's opinion. His only thought is to find his mother, who was last seen on a glacier of Mont Blanc five years before. When he comes to spend the school year with his grandfather in the same area, the little city boy is eager to move mountains. Tenacious, full of curiosity and imagination, little Tom exposes one by one a number of family secrets as, similarly, the glacier unearths pieces of the Air India plane – the Malabar Princess – that crashed into Mont Blanc fifty years before. With the help of his teacher, Tom will get to the bottom of it all and finally learn the truth about his mother.

Director Arnaud Viard screenplay Arnaud Viard producers Isabelle Pragier, Laurent Lavolé Benoit Habert, Philippe Portier, Arnaud Viard starring Julien Boisselier, Julie Gayet, Michel Aumont, Sacha Bourdo, Antoine Duléry, Pascale Arbillot, Sophie Mounicot running time 86mn.

Antoine is 33. He is an idealist, perpetually dissatisfied and searching for true love. The natural ease and apparent nonchalance with which he criss-crosses Paris can no longer conceal his loneliness. Then, one day, Antoine meets Clara: she is beautiful, free and generous, switching from cheerfulness to gravity with a charm that immediately works its spell on Antoine. They are made for each other and have never experienced anything like this before. But life isn’t so simple and a number of unexpected trials await them.

Director Alexandra Leclère screenplay Alexandra Leclère producer Jean-Jacques Albert starring Isabelle Huppert, Catherine Frot, François Berléand, Brigitte Catillon, Michel Vuillermoz running time 93mn.

Louise, a beautician in Le Mans, comes to spend three days with Martine, her sister, who lives in Paris. Martine apparently has everything! Everything except what counts. Actually that’s exactly what Louise has! It takes only three days for Louise and her constant cheerfulness to exasperate Martine and shake the foundations of her life.

Director Abdelkrim Bahloul screenplay Abdelkrim Bahloul producer Martine de Clermont-Tonnerre starring Charles Berling, Medhi Debhi, Alexis Loret, Clotilde de Bayser, Ouassini Embarek, Abès Zahmani running time 85mn.

Jean Sénac, a French settler in North Africa, poet and radio program director, has decided to stay in Algeria after the declaration of independence in 1962. Ten years later he is under police surveillance. His poetry readings throughout the country are very popular and his radio program Poetry On All Fronts is a great success with Algerian youth. Therefore, when two young students, Hamid and Belkacem, learn that the play they’ve written and presented at the first National Festival of Algerian Theater has been rejected because it has been performed in French, their disappointment is in some way eased by Sénac’s approval and congratulations. Hamid and Belkacem become close friends with the poet and join him in his desperate fight for the freedom and education of Algerian youth.

Director Nicolas Boukhrief screenplay Nicolas Boukhrief, Eric Besnard producer Richard Grandpierre starring Albert Dupontel, Jean Dujardin, François Berléand, Claude Perron, Julien Boisselier, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus running time 95mn.

Vigilant is a small cash transportation company in crisis. Three of its armored trucks have been ruthlessly attacked in a year, leaving no survivors.
The company is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and its employees are on edge. Some even suggest the gang has a man working inside the company. So, times are hard when Alexandre Demarre turns up one morning at Vigilant’s headquarters to start his first day with the company. Job seeker, cop or armed robber — or something else entirely. … Who is this man and what is he looking for?

Director Valérie Guignabodet screenplay Valérie Guignabodet producer Philippe Godeau starring Mathilde Seigner, Jean Dujardin, Miou-Miou, Didier Bezace, Lio, Antoine Duléry, Chloé Lambert, Alexis Loret running time 80mn.

They are 25 years old and they are getting married today.
They are 35 years old, they have been together for ten years and they are fighting today.
They are 45 years old, they have been fighting for 10 years and they are attempting to reconcile their differences today. Three marriages in one. Three couples during 24 hours of a wedding party that is disrupted by the doubts and crises of everyone, as observed by astounded parents.
“How wonderful it is to love,” courageously sings the priest, at a time when one marriage out of three ends in divorce. One out of three … but which one?

Director Jean-François Laguionie screenplay Jean-François Laguionie, Anik Le Ray producers Gaspard De Chavagnac, Patrick Moine voices Taric Mehani, Agathe Schumacher, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Jean-François Derec, Yanecko Romba, Michel Robin, Frédéric Cerdal running time 80mn.

In 1803, on the coast of Cornwall a 15-year-old boy, nicknamed The Kid, manages to escape from the orphanage where he is held captive. He doesn't know his real name, and his only possession is a map of a treasure island that fell from a book about Black Mor, a notorious pirate, who the boy longs to be.
Recruiting two thieves, Mac Gregor and La Ficelle, for a crew, The Kid seizes a lifeguard's boat and sets off for his treasure island at the other end of the Atlantic Ocean. But nothing happens quite like it does in pirate books. ... In search of his identity, The Kid is not as tough as he thinks and many adventures await him before he arrives at Black Mor Island.

Director François Favrat screenplay François Favrat, Julie Lopes-Curval, Jérôme Beaujour, Roger Bohbot producers François Kraus, Denis Pineau-Valencienne starring Agnès Jaoui, Karin Viard, Jonathan Zaccai, Claude Crétient, Laurent Lafitte, Francis Huster, Denis Sebbah, Edouard Baer, José Garcia, Anna Mouglalis, Pierrre Banderet running time 100mn.

A freelance journalist for a fashion magazine, Claire Rocher meets Elisabeth Becker, a film star. They have nothing in common: their personalities and relationships with men are completely different, not to mention their income and notoriety. Elisabeth hires Claire as her personal assistant, spinning Claire’s life on its axis. Little by little, the two women become friends, or at least Claire thinks so.

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