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2006 Festival Short Films


Le Manie-tout
director Georges Le Piouffle screenplay Georges Le Piouffle, Zoé Galeron producer Patrick Maurin (Antiprod) starring Bernard Haller, Jules Angelo Bigarnet, Axelle Laffont, Benjamin Gabbey, Serge Hazanavicius genre fiction running time 16’30 min
Ten-year-old Martin has to go to school through an alley he doesn’t know. Behind a dusty shop window, he meets the mysterious Manie-tout, who’s able to give life to his school bag. What would happen if, in the hands of the old man, everything could really walk?
Then, Martin opens the door to a world of imagination and dreams ...


director Mathieu Guetta screenplay Mathieu Guetta based on an idea from Benoît Créac’h producer MG. Prod’s starring David Maisse, Daniel Briquet, Evelyne Istria genre fiction running time 15 min
The owner of the bookshop is dead. His son and his grandson come to close the shop. The grandson, Baptiste, meets an old girlfriend of his grandfather and discovers a man he didn’t know, a man who believed in universal fraternity and spoke Esperanto.


Le Suicide du ventriloque
director Samuel Hercule screenplay Samuel Hercule, Méthilde Weyergans producer Alain Benguigui and Thomas Verhaeghe (Sombrero productions) starring Samuel Hercule, Bernard Cupillard, Jean Antolinos, Michael Lonsdale genre fiction running time 18 min
The Marpots are father and son ventriloquists. Didier, the youngest, must carry on the tradition. But is he really meant for this profession?


Le Serment
director Virginia Bach screenplay Virginia Bach producer Stéphane Sansonetti (Atlan Films) starring Yann Goven genre fiction running time 11’47 min
Jacques has a stammer. To finish his medical studies, he must read the Hippocratic oath in front of an audience which is, for him, a fearsome challenge.


Comme un air…
director Yohann Gloaguen screenplay Yohann Gloaguen producer Arnaud Rouvillois (Agence Mercredi) genre fiction running time 9’05 min
On a street in Paris a man sings a well-known tune, Vous les Femmes by Julio Iglesias. Soon all of Paris is singing it.


Peter Pan a grandi et John Lennon est mort
director Alexandre Charlet screenplay Alexandre Charlet producer Les Films du Cygne starring Francis Perrin genre fiction running time 11 min
Peter Pan, now an old man, tells some young children about his wonderful adventures with Tinkerbell.


director Chiara Malta screenplay Chiara Malta producer Chiara Malta starring Chiara Malta genre documentary/animated film running time 10 min
During a scorching summer, sitting in an aseptic place, a man is creating an animated film.
Although silent and focused, he regularly smiles and glances at the camera.
A parallel story (who knows, maybe a hallucination!) develops. Behind the camera, there is a young woman who is constantly filming him. Tenderly annoyed, he interrupts his work, takes the woman by the hand and takes her to discover the delights of a deserted island which awaits them outside …


For Intérieur
director Patrick Poubel screenplay Charlotte Paillieux, Patrick Poubel producer Eric Pattedoie and Caroline Perchaud (La Boite) starring Bernard Haller, Maxence Perrin genre fiction running time 10’12 min
This is the story of a little boy named Criquet and of his grandfather, a genuine memory collector. Criquet’s grandfather dreamed of flying away and one day pulls it off, leaving his grandson a pure moment of eternity.


director Cécile Rousset screenplay/drawing (charcoal and torn paper) Cécile Rousset producer ENSAD, Cécile Rousset and Les Films sauvages starring Paul Rieger genre animated film running time 7’20 min
Paul has been my neighbor for about 15 years. A comedian, today he is 83 years old. I recorded this footage of him when he was talking about his life and I later added animation to it.
In this portrait, past and present anecdotes of his life are mixed with drama but nevertheless they are told in a simple and satirical narrative.



Regards Libres/Free Views
director Romain Delange producer Alexandre Charlet (Les Films du cygne) starring nine 10-year-old children genre documentary running time 11’20 min
A contemporary painting of a young artist is observed, discussed and criticized by primary school children.


director Mona Achache screenplay Mona Achache (based on the story of Suzanne Achache-Wiznitzer)
producer Patrick Blossier (Félix Films) starring Sam Karmann, Alysse Hallali genre fiction running time 6’45 min
In 1943, Joseph is arrested by Germans at the apartment where he and his 13-year-old daughter are hiding. By abandoning Suzanne, Joseph saved his daughter’s life. Suzanne is 75 today. She is my grandmother. This is her story.




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