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2004 Festival Short Films


director: Cecilia Marreiros Marum producer: Arnaud Demuynck production: Les Films du Nord genre: animation

“Bonhommes” is the story of two “little men”. The first is a five year-old boy. The second is the creation of the first, a snowman. When the first little man decides to build his snowman, he puts all of his energy, imagination, enthusiasm, and – most importantly – all his hope into it. But the snowman can’t quite live up to all of the child’s expectations; he can be his playmate and his friend, but he cannot “weather” all that life throws at them… The little boy must therefore make the leap from creator to knight in shining armor: proud, protective, inventive, and zealous!


director: Sylvie Léonard producer: Patrick Eveno, Jacques-Rémy Girerd music: Fairuz narrated by: Eva Biermann production: Folimage Valence Production genre: animation

Through the watchful eyes of a woman, we observe the return of a young man after years of separation. What still ties them together? Why did the separation take place? A tragedy in 3 scenes: expectation, confrontation, and acceptance.


De la tête aux pieds
director: Pascal Lahmani producer: Frédéric Pelle starring: Dora Doll, Dominique Frot, Marie Berto, Marie Payen, Catherine Van Hecke, Sylvie Jobert, Jenny Leignel-Bernay, Anne-Marie Bertrand music: Macassis, Picou production: Bianca Films genre: fiction

Chalais, autumn, 1943. A gathering of mothers, all working as cooks during World War II.


Gouille et Gar
director: Philippe Gamer producer: Marc Obéron screenplay: Olivier Jean music: Pascal Lafa voices: Benoît Poelvoorde, Elie Semoun production: LDM Productions genre: animation running time: 2mn

Gouille and Gar are a pair of gargoyles of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Perched atop the cathedral’s North Wing for 768 years, they’ve become an old couple – complete with all the complicities and the rivalries that come with age. At times friends, at times enemies, they certainly liven up the scenery…


La Collection de Judicaël
director: Corinne Garfin starring: Nicolas Quilliard music: Yohann Bernard producer: Colette Garfin production: Delcor Productions genre: fiction

A man sits at home, alone, surrounded by a collection of hundreds of glass jars, all empty. Or so it seems…


La Flamme
director: Ron Dyens starring: Lucie Duchêne, Régis Romele producer: Ron Dyens music: Martini production: Sacrebleu Productions genre: fiction

In the seaside Normandy town of Deauville, during the 1920s, a pair of lovebirds find themselves on the beach. But due to technical difficulties…


Le Fabuleux Destin de Perrine Martin
director: Olivier Ciappa starring: Anne-Juliette Vassort, Camille Saféris, Titoff, and the voices of Roger Carel and Chantal Goya producer: Patrick Maurin production: AntiProd genre: fiction

Perrine has just left the theatre. Completely enthralled by the fictional character of Amélie Poulain, she decides to become a do-gooder…


Léaud de Hurledents
director: Jacques Richard starring: Jean-Pierre Léaud producer: Jacques Richard music: Charles Trénet, Antoine Duhamel, Georges Delerue, Michel Legrand, Jean Constantin production: Les Films Elémentaires genre: documentary

Jean-Pierre Léaud strolls among the graves of the Montparnasse cementary. He recalls the memory of Henri Langlois, Marcel l’Herbier, Jean Seberg, Jacques Demy, …and “François”. He takes the opportunity to take out his anger on his bloodthirsty dentist!


L’Homme de la boîte
director: Slony Sow producer: Alexandre Mehring music: Nicolas Bikialo narrated by: Jacques Frantz starring: Bruno Therasse, Pauline Delpech, Denis Pascual production: Fantaisie Films, Trafic Production genre: fiction

A fantastic tale becomes an urban myth . . . Love is stronger than fate. This is the marvelous story of a man who lives in boxes and a girl who lives in scenes. Their love is threatened by the unexpected turns of destiny.


L’Homme sans tête
director: Juan Solanas starring: Alain Hocine, Ambre Boukebza, Salah Teskouk, Stéphane Botti, Chritsophe Botti producer: Aton Soumache & Alexis Vonarb music: Vincent Artaud production: Onyx Productions genre: fiction

A modest room overlooking a vast industrial landscape. In the distance, the sea reaches as far as the eye can see. A few dance steps are taken to the beat of an outdated and infectious tune. A bowtie is knotted. From a framed photograph, the lovely gaze of the one he loves. The headless man is preparing for his “gentleman caller” date. Tonight, he will declare his love, and to mark the occasion, he has decided to buy himself a head…


director: Eric Jameux producer: Stéphanie Carreras music: Antonio Vivaldi, Eric Jameux, Patrick Coutin, Quentin Ogier starring: Sophie Quinton, Christophe Giordano production: Lazennec Tout Court genre: fiction

Thierry offers Karine a ride in his car parked in a parking lot by the housing projects. Things are tense between them. As a way of making it up to her, Thierry gives his girlfriend a pendant inscribed with a love note… Against all odds, Karine takes the sentence the wrong way. Little by little, the reconciliation becomes a misunderstanding, and then an argument.


« Pov’fille ! »
director: Jean-Luc Baraton & Patrick Maurin starring: Axelle Laffont, Sébastien Charles, Aurélien Recoing producer: Patrick Maurin production: AntiProd genre: fiction

Suddenly alone and pregnant, Esther is also on the verge of turning thirty. She rejects a proposal from her loving but unapologetically gay roommate, Gontran, to raise the child together.


Somebody Exceptional
director: Xavier Marquis narrated by: Xavier Marquis genre: animation

An “exceptional somebody” turns to the camera to begin a long tirade criticizing the crowds: those same crowds that flood the tourist spots, the supermarkets on Saturday afternoon, and public gardens every Sunday…


Ta sœur
director: Martin Valente starring: Lorant Deutsch, Dan Herzberg, Emilie Blon-Metzinger, Alain Figlarz producer: Philippe Kauffmann music: Denis Mériaux production: Champ Contrechamp genre: fiction

“Are you in love with my sister?”
“I’m not in love with your sister!”
“I’m tellin’ you, you’re in love with my sister!”
“In love with your sister? In your dreams!”


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